The Emery County Search and Rescue Team is comprised of some of the most talented and skilled individuals eastern Utah has to offer. We have numerous professionals on our team from law enforcement, public safety, fire, health care and EMS. The team is called out to find and rescue stranded or injured recreationers on the desert of the San Rafael Swell, and the mountains of the Manti La-Sal.


Ronny Bloomer, Ferron
Ross Christiansen, Emery
Zack Crawford, Ferron
Matt Crosland, Clawson
Seth Gardner, Emery
Dal Gray, Ferron
Brett Guymon, Clawson
Shaun Jeffs, Orangeville
Jason Jensen, Huntington
Larry Johansen, Elmo
Dalen Johnson, Huntington
Doug Johnson, Orangeville
Brawny Killpack, Ferron
Kyle Larsen, Castle Dale
Lee Magnuson, Castle Dale
Rod Magnuson, Castle Dale
Kirk McQuivey, Orangeville
Lowell Morris, Lawrence
Greg Oliver, Cleveland
Ben Orgill, Orangeville
Jerry Price, Clawson
Brad Reed, Orangeville
Michael Taylor, Cleveland
Casey Toomer, Orangeville
Ryan Torgerson, Orangeville
Jeff Tuttle, Orangeville
Lynn Tuttle, Orangeville
Tyler Tuttle, Orangeville
Tate Webster, Orangeville
Chris Winn, Ferron
Troy Winter, Ferron

The team trains regularly for many situations and is ready to go at a moments notice.


Sherrif - Greg Funk, Clawson
Capt. - Greg Jewkes, Orangeville
1st Lt. - Wade Allinson, Ferron
2nd Lt. - James Byars, Emery
Sgt. - Jim Jennings, Cleveland

Senior Patrol

Pete Alger, Huntington
Russ Archibald, Castle Dale
Chuck Behling, Castle Dale
Courtney Cox, Orangeville
Hal Johnson, Joe's Valley
Randy Lake, Emery
Leonard Norton, Huntington
Greg Oliver, Cleveland
Howard Tuttle, Orangeville